Need For Speed Nitro

November 20, 2009

I got a Nintendo Wii on Craigslist a few weeks ago for dirt cheap (one of the only positives of the economy being in the toilet is that people sell their possessions in desperation), and have kept myself somewhat entertained with Wii Sports and Mario Kart. However, just this week I actually bought my first game for Wii that didn’t come with the unit…and that game is Need For Speed Nitro. Earlier this year, I mentioned how much I loved ┬áNeed For Speed Shift, especially for it’s realistic physics (excluding huge crashes) and sweet cockpit cam. After a few days with Need For Speed Nitro, I love it, but for entirely different reasons.

Need For Speed Nitro is nothing but unabashed arcade fun, with cartoony graphics and an overall feel that just screams fun, making it a perfect game for the Wii.

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So I’ve been seeing the new Gillette Young Guns commercial a lot lately, and thought I’d blog on it. While it’s always good to see Denny, Kyle and JGR get some airtime, I do find it a bit corny that the new Gillette razor is inspired by video games. That said, it looks like Denny and Kyle sure play a mean game of Wii. I think it’s no mistake that even in this commercial they have Kyle playing the “bad boy” role as he pushes Denny.

Also of note, the ad features a really good song from a band that’s been making a lot of waves around here lately, Shapes of Race Cars. They’ve got this cool anthemic, glam thing going on, but with a modern indie rock sensibility about them. Beyond super convenient name, Shapes of Race Cars have a great driving sound to them, as they are up-tempo and anthemic, which always makes for a good drive in my opinion. Check it out below.