Quick – what’s the best drama on TV these days? If you answered Sons of Anarchy, you are correct. If you answered something else….well, you don’t exist. Just kidding. But seriously, my well-documented Harley obsession aside, Sons of Anarchy is a great show. In keeping up with the tradition of past FX dramas, Sons of Anarchy is certainly an edgy show, and always has an intense forward momentum within each episode as well as the season’s bigger story arcs. The show can conjure up heartfelt moments just as easily as it brings on the intense action. Even better, it doesn’t feature any of the overacting that plagues so many other dramas or shows full of action.

Beyond all the great writing and acting, Sons of Anarchy also plays great music. Kudos to the music director for having featured Murder By Death in the show earlier (who showed in their Harley ad that they are the perfect riding music), and in this week’s episode they brought out more great music with the song “Fly Low Carrion Crow” by Two Gallants. Check out the heartfelt scene below, as Piney holds his pistol with the song setting the heavy mood.