Tim Roth is a bonafide badass. He made his first impression on me as a teenager when I was introduced to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and has carved out a nice career with roles in Rob Roy, Planet of the Apes, and The Incredible Hulk (which I actually thought was a really good movie…but maybe that’s just becuase the Ang Lee Hulk was so bad).

Roth’s latest project, Lie To Me, is one of the most original shows on television. When I first saw the promos for this show, I couldn’t help but think back to the classic Christopher Walken-Dennis Hopper scene from True Romance, where Walken says he learned all the different pantomimes people do to give themselves away when they are lying. In Lie To Me, Roth plays Dr. Cal Lightman, who helps out law enforcement agencies to expose the truth behind lies. It’s a great concept, and one that gives the writers a great amount of flexibility in the story lines they can come up with.

In last night’s episode, Cal and co. are assigned to look into a college football player accused of statutory rape (unfortunately, stories like this are all too common these days in the real world). During their investigation, they snoop around a college party to find more answers, and this particular scene jumped out. First, it had great realism – so many party scenes in movies and TV look nothing like an actual party. This actually captured the awkward crowdedness of the whole deal, and felt real. To top it off, one of my favorite party tracks of ’09 was bumping in the background, the song “Bang” by Bijou.

I saw Bijou perform a few times when I was visiting old college friends down in San Diego, and the guy brings a tremendous amount of raw energy to the stage. “Bang” makes for the perfect party music, but also something that would work well as an entrance theme for a boxer (I’m thinking Jeff Lacy here). The beat, like Bijou’s rapping, is confident and propulsive, but never gets obnoxiously bassy or in-your-face like so much modern hip hop. Check out the scene below and see for yourself.

Edit: Sorry guys, I didn’t realize that my video had been taken down from DailyMotion, but I’ve remedied that. Click on the image below and it will play the scene on Hulu.

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Bijou on MySpace