Hit Machine

August 26, 2009

So, Time Magazine just released a list of their Top 50 Best Websites for 2009. While I’m a little butt-hurt that I didn’t make the list, that didn’t stop me from checking out some of the sites. While there are some of the usual suspects such as Yelp, Twitter, Google, and Hulu, they also had some interesting sites I had never heard of before. One such site, which I visited just based off it’s name, is OMGPOP.

OMGPOP is an interactive online arcade, with their own versions of popular games that you can play with other people. These include  Blockies (Tetris), Letterblox (Scrabble), and more – all perfect ‘time theft’ activities to engage in while at work. However, my favorite has got to be Hit Machine, which is OMGPOP’s answer to Guitar Hero. I’ve been ultra-addicted to this ever since it came out, not only because it brings a classic game to my fingertips while sitting at the computer, but also because of the excellent song choices. Add on the fact that it’s not only guitar (you play some keyboard or synth lines, too depending on the song), and you have a recipe for addiction.

Below, I will leave you with my thoughts on some of my favorite songs from the game, and, if I can, some tips for beating them. Keep checking back often, as I will be updating this throughout the week.

Tokyo Police Club – “Your English Is Good”

This song is an up-beat, catchy jangle, with some great clap-a-long action going on in the background. It’s one of the songs available to you right away on the “Easy” skill level in the game, so you can play it right from the start. Just establish the groove in your head and you should have no trouble with this one, although I always get distracted by the music video, which plays to the right of the gameplay window…you’re trying to concentrate and then you get all stoked on watching the music video and forget you’re playing. One tip : for the section where you have the fast runs up and down the keys J – K – L and back, I found it was too distracting to try look at the fretboard. Instead, just remember you’re going up and down, and listen to the song – it’s a lot easier to stay in rhthym that way (I discovered this after about 10 epic FAIL attempts at getting through this section).

Coming soon:  Islands “Creeper,” Black Lips “Short Fuse,” and more!

I will leave you all with a video of me beating “Your English Is Good.”


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