HBO’s Back On…Time For Some Hard Knocks

August 12, 2009

Every summer, I cancel HBO and the other premium channels, because face it – when sports aren’t in season, there’s not much reason to have these channels (after all, we are in the Netflix era). However, once August rolls around and football season begins, it’s time to bring HBO (specifically Hard Knocks) back into my house, which I did last weekend. This year’s Hard Knocks features the Cincinnati Bengals, and they have plenty of intriguing storylines – as always Chad Ochocinco and his antics, hold-out doughboy rookie Andre Smith, Carson Palmer’s return from injury…I wonder who the longshot rookies they follow will be. Part of me is disappointed that I won’t get to watch the trainwreck that was the Cowboys last year, but the other part of me is excited to just watch an interesting team on Hard Knocks – the last time I enjoyed following this was when the had the Jaguars on, and that was back in 2004.

The other advantage of having HBO back is of course the TV shows. I have yet to be converted into a True Blood fan, but I have enough friends (and a roommate) who swear by the show that I might have to take the plunge this season. I know I’ll be starting off in the middle of a season, but that didn’t stop me from loving Dexter when I discovered that in the middle of season 2, so we’ll see how this goes. The promo for the upcoming episode, “I Will Rise Up” looks interesting enough, the only thing I have to decide is whether I use Wikipedia to catch myself up, or just dive straight in and go back and watch the old episodes later.

Looks like HBO has a pretty decent lineup of movies and shows coming up this fall, judging on the tv spot below, which also features a great tune, “Brand New Day” by Pigeon John. Pigeon John has been a favorite here in his native LA since he first hit the scene in 2002, and as an Angeleno (transplant, that is) I am happy to see him getting the exposure that we all know he deserves. The rare hip-hop artist who always seems to have a genuine smile on his face, “Brand New Day” perfectly exemplifies the breezy, laid back cool style that has been his calling card.

Pigeon John on MySpace


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