Being Ken Block

July 31, 2009

Remember Ed Templeton, the skateboard/photography/entrepreneur renaissance man that ESPN profiled? After watching that profile, I thought Templeton was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most interesting and innovative character in action sports. Well, it seems he has some company now, thanks to DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block, who has turned himself into one of the top rally car drivers in the world.

In 2004, after Quiksilver purchased DC Shoes, Ken Block decided to pursue his dream of becoming a rally car racer. You always hear stories about athlete’s retiring and then starting a business, but Ken Block’s transformation from retiring from business to become an athlete is the first I’ve heard going the other way. Definitely worth your 5 minutes today to check out his story.

As with all things associated with action sports, there is also some cool music in this spot, specifically Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ “Sons of Cain,” which plays with about 1:45 left in the video. I’ve loved Ted Leo’s music dating back to his work in Chisel, and it’s great to see that he still is out there delivering consistently great tunes like this.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on MySpace


3 Responses to “Being Ken Block”

  1. elwehbi Says:

    awesome video đŸ™‚

    i just realized that you are a skins fan too! rock on!

    elwehbi from

  2. displacedbrett Says:

    Oh right on! Go Skins! So psyched for the start of camp again + the X Games all happening at the same time. Devin Thomas is the X-factor – he’s gonna shut up a lot of people this year.

  3. […] First, they have consistently selected interesting characters to profile, such as Ed Templeton, Ken Block, and now Maya Gabeira. Second (and I will get to this later) they sure do a great job of picking […]

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