Get Your Popcorn Ready

July 20, 2009

APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football

The premiere of The TO Show is tonight on VH1, and you can rest assured that I won’t be missing this trainwreck. I imagine it is going to be much like the XFL for me – I’ll watch it once, maybe twice for the novelty and to have some laughs, and then after awhile it will just be too cringe-worthy to stay with, but regardless, I’m amped for tonight. I really am going to miss TO on the Cowboys – he was always such a fun player to hate, and let’s face it, the Buffalo Bills aren’t important enough to hate right now (besides the obvious fact that they aren’t my beloved Redskins’ arch-rival). The show promises to give us a behind-the-scenes look at TO, and how he manages his life and relationships with the help of his publicists and his ex-fiancee, Felisha Terrell (any surprise that TO is datin ga woman whose last name is his first name? He’s not a narcissist. Not at all).

Also, on a semi-related note, it looks as if Tony Romo has just dumped Jessica Simpson, meaning the Cowboys have officially parted ties with just about every excuse they have had for not winning a playoff game in eons, despite having the so-called most talented team in the league last year. I wonder who will become the scape goats this year? Roy Williams? Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis’ stupid heavy metal band? Jason Garrett? Brian Stewart? Can’t wait to find out – I’ll have a review ASAP.


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