Fight Night Round 4

July 2, 2009

Fight Night Round 4 dropped about a week ago, and with the amount of time I’ve been spending with it, I’m surprised I’ve even had the time to blog. Or shower. Those who had an addiction to the great Fight Night Round 3 know what I’m talking about, and this new edition somehow manages to be a huge upgrade in every department over that classic game. Plus, it has Mike Tyson – pretty sure no game has had him since Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on the original Nintendo.

Anyway, gameplay is better, and feels much less “robotic” than in Round 3, there is way less of the annoying sponsor ads (the creepy Burger King guy was EVERYWHERE in Round 3), and last but not least, the music is a HUGE improvement in this edition – which is a surprise, considering EA Sports has had some pretty bad music choices over the years (Keane’s “Is It Any Wonder?” was in Madden one year…ouch).  But, yeah some great tunes in this edition – of particular note are two awesome remixes that I had not heard before : Tokyo Police Club’s “The Baskervilles” – Amplive Die Hard Remix (which you can stream here), and El-P’s “Flyentology” – Cassette’s Won’t Listen Remix (stream here). Both of these tracks scream one thing and one thing only : swagger. Normally, I always turn off all the menu music in video games, but these heavy-hitters are the perfect tunes to get you in a pugilistic mood. 

Check out some gameplay footage, featuring Mike Tyson vs. the overmatched Middleweight, Winky Wright.

As funny as it is to see Tyson vs. Wright, it really isn’t that far off from this beating he gave to the then-undefeated Michael Spinks.

Purchase Fight Night Round 4 on Amazon

Tokyo Police Club on MySpace

El-P on MySpace


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