Inglourious Basterds

June 24, 2009

Ever since I heard Internet whispers of this movie a few years back, I have been eagerly anticipating its release. Tarantino doing a spaghetti-western influenced WWII flick? Could it get any better? Well, for starters, how about an extended trailer featuring one of my favorite bands, Murder By Death?

Followers of this blog will remember Murder By Death from the Harley ad I posted earlier, and now they are featured in what looks to be Tarantino’s finest film since Pulp Fiction (though I also loved the criminally underrated Jackie Brown.) “Comin Home” is the first track off last year’s brilliant Red of Tooth and Claw, and it has me even more pumped to see all the blood splattering action. The movie has a tentative premiere of August 20, hopefully those of us fortunate to live in large media markets get it a little earlier. From the reviews I’ve scoured through on the net, opinions are extremely divided, but I think that is just because it’s a Tarantino film and he has become an ever-polarizing character. We’ll see, but I have high hopes.

As for Murder By Death, they will be playing here in LA on September 17th, opening for another great band, The Gaslight Anthem – a perfect touring pair. It should be a great night of classic Americana rock with a modern flavor. You know I’ll be there, and if you live in LA and don’t attend, you pretty much don’t exist.

Inglorious Basterds Official Website

Murder By Death on MySpace


One Response to “Inglourious Basterds”

  1. Joro Says:

    here you can download the trailer song in mp3

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