Here’s to Dreaming

June 23, 2009

Gotta love those people over at Gillette. Earlier this year (during the Daytona 500 actually), they premiered a new Young Guns ad that featured “Sound the Alarm” by Shapes of Race Cars – easily one of my favorite tracks of ’09, and now they have just premiered a new ad featuring Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer, and the song “Dream Within a Dream” by Action Action. Think it’s a coincidence that the ad came out right as the US Open was ending and Wimbledon was beginning? Haha. Unfortunately for Gillette, Tiger didn’t win, but I will be shocked if Federer doesn’t take Wimbledon – I always love watching his game on grass.

As for the song, I had heard of Action Action before, but wasn’t too familiar with their music – many bands get lumped into the whole post-punk/synth rock genre, and it’s easy for good ones to get lost in the shuffle. However, after seeing this ad the other day and hearing the beautiful, droning synth, I knew I had to hear more,and “Dream Within a Dream” has been on repeat ever since…unfortunately, the album’s not out yet so I have to be streaming it on MySpace, but once it is, you can bet it will get worn out on my iPod. Unlike many of the aforementioned synth rock bands, Action Action actually has solid songs that serve as the backbone for their sound, not the other way around. 

Action Action on MySpace


One Response to “Here’s to Dreaming”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. That song is a blatant ripoff of a song called 2012 written years ago by a band called Cocky Americans.

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