Pacquiao/Hatton Madness

April 26, 2009


Amidst the hoopla and circus of the NFL draft and all the pain and drama that Redskins fans like myself are subject to, I have been finding it hard to carve out time for too much else in the sporting world. However, the upcoming Ricky Hatton – Manny Pacquiao fight is the one event that I’m following. For the record, I’m predicting (and rooting for) a Pacquiao victory. Seeing Manny dismantle perhaps my least favorite all-time athlete, Oscar De La Hoya, was one of my greatest boxing memories. It’s no secret that the heavyweight division is terrible right now in boxing, which I think is the primary cause for mixed martial arts stealing away its popularity, but Pacquiao is as fascinating of a fighter as you will ever see.

HBO has been doing a good job hyping the fight with its 24/7 show that gives us a behind the scenes look at both camps as they prep for the fight, and episode 3, which just aired, really has me pumped for the matchup. I was also really glad to hear Sammy Davis Jr.’s “The Goin’s Great” play at the beginning of this episode. Something about Sammy always makes me get images in my head of Vegas, which always sets the mood right for a good fighter. Written by Stan Applebaum and Sammy Cahn, “The Goin’s Great” is Sammy Davis Jr. at his best. Check out the video below:


6 Responses to “Pacquiao/Hatton Madness”

  1. […] he’s the toughest pound-for-pound fighter there is, and also just to shut up Meriweather…. Anyway here’s a link to the opening clip of the most recent 24/7 episode. No comments for this entry […]

  2. journeyman7 Says:

    nice Brett. can’t wait for this! Pac by 7 rd tko…

  3. journeyman7 Says:

    …sadly, the vids no longer available, due to “copyright claim by HBO…” 😦

  4. james Says:

    do you know who did the version of, Shirley Caesar’s, “Satan, we’re gonna tear your kingdom down”? i’m talking about the scene where Paquiao is walking into the church.

  5. ping Says:

    Great fight. Manny is the Man. “Pacman” that is.

  6. Interesting site you have here..keep up the good work.

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