Malbec on Chuck

April 21, 2009


Last night’s episode of Chuck featured great music. This comes as no surprise, as Chuck frequently plays tunes I love (the show has been a big supporter of one of my favorites, Bon Iver). However, it did surprise me to hear Malbec’s great tune, “Answering Machine,” which played during the scene when Emmett orders Morgan to fire the morons and Morgan walks out.

Malbec are truly one of the most original groups I’ve heard in a long time. Their sound has traces of electro, hip hop, folk, and the serene, dreamy  pop of groups like The Clientele or Deathcab. Really, I can’t say enough about this band, and I definitely predict them as the next big thing. Check out the music video below:

UPDATE: I’ve found a link to the clip from Chuck. So check this out, too.

Chuck on NBC

Malbec on MySpace


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