April 7, 2009


Why does it seem like all my favorite TV shows are cancelled or at risk of being cancelled, while American Idol is still going strong? Arrested Development = gone. The Beast = endangered. Damages = likewise. Another favorite show of mine that seems to be suffering in the ratings department is Life. One thing that does give me hope though is that NBC has a history of keeping shows running that weren’t exactly huge ratings successes, but scored well critically (Seinfeld, The Office). So maybe there is hope…we’ll find out soon enough.

Life has always struck me as having high production values – quality cinematography, good-looking sets, tasteful music selections, etc. “Initiative 38” was no exception. I won’t spoil much, but at the beginning they find a dead body in a hot tub while Earlimart’s “The World” plays in the background. I always thought “The World” was an underrated track off of Mentor Tormentor, and the song’s ominous presence really fit the scene perfectly.

Update: It’s been really hard for me to find a video clip of this song/scene….so if anybody could help out it would be much appreciated!


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