Chaos: Cutler, Campbell….Colt?

April 2, 2009


Well, ladies and gentlemen, Jay Cutler is officially a Chicago Bear. And thank God. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cutler, as I mentioned before, but the price tag is too much. Reportedly Chicago sent 2 #1’s, a #3, and Kyle Orton to Denver for Cutler and a #3. We definitely did not have the ammunition to pull that off, so I’m glad we didn’t win out…but the fact remains, we were in the Cutler sweepstakes. Now Campbell is in the same position that Cutler was in in the wake of the Matt Cassel deal. Campbell has already come out and said he wouldn’t react the same way Cutler did, but this has to rattle his already shaky confidence…wow ,just what we need Campbell playing even more scared and tentative. I reckon we should still move him to Tampa for a #3 and a conditional 2010 pick. Having a lame-duck QB isn’t the answer, and we have too many needs to use #13 on Mark Sanchez (who probably won’t be there anyway).

So who do I think should start next year? Well if it’s not obvious by the large image at the top of this posting, I think it should be Colt Brennan. I love Brennan for the same reasons I love Cutler (minus the huge arm). Brennan has what Campbell lacks = moxie, not to mention pinpoint accuracy. Brennan reminds me a lot of Joe Theismann and Drew Brees (a comparison drawn by former offensive coordinator Al Saunders), and our own coach, Jim Zorn. He would fit perfectly in Zorn’s version of the West Coast Offense. Let’s face it – Campbell is about maxed out for his potential here. He could succeed much better in a smaller market, where he is just asked to be a big manage-the-game QB. Think Roethlisberger-lite. But we need a playmaking sparkplug and I see no other answer than Colt Brennan. Now excuse me while I go watch the HOF Game from last year and salivate at the possibility some more.


One Response to “Chaos: Cutler, Campbell….Colt?”

  1. LiVinon3x Says:

    I agree with Campbell is now a “lame duck” and as a result, Snyder has got to be trying to shop Campbell to another team after losing out on the Cutler sweepstakes.

    I also agree that once Campbell is shipped out, the Skins should just bite the bullet and start Brennan because they have to find out what he can do in real game situations. Give him the entire 2009 season. That should be enough to find out if his potential is real.

    And the idea of spending #13 on Sanchez (if available) is insane. This guy is just another Mel Kiper hyped up QB prospect. I mean c’mon, the dude played at USC aka the most talent rich team in the country.

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