Time Bomb!

March 30, 2009

Video games in the post-Super Nintendo era have never really done it for me. The 3-d gaming era brought too realistic graphics, too complicated controllers, too much complicatedness to the world of gaming, which takes away from the whole reason to play video games -to have fun (at least to me). One big exception though is the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series. Come on. Admit it. You’ve all had your moment with this game. My neighbor is a multi-hour per day Rock Band player, and I recently went and played the game with him. Evidently you can buy additional songs for the game . I was more than happy to see that he had a ridiculous (in the good way) live version of “Time Bomb” by The Old 97’s. I hadn’t heard such a high-quality live version of this song (the YouTube ones were a little amateurish) and I investigated it more. Found out that this version can be heard on their live double-album Alive & Wired.

For your listenning/and viewing pleasure:


3 Responses to “Time Bomb!”

  1. […] of this blog already know that I have a deep appreciation for the musical stylings of Rhett Miller.  Last year’s Old 97’s album, Blame It On Gravity, was my favorite since Too Far To […]

  2. […] 25, 2009 As I’ve blogged about before, I’m a big fan of Rock Band. Well, it looks like my fingers will be getting a lot of exercise […]

  3. […] as if that’s not enough to get me psyched up for the movie, I was stoked to hear one of my well-documented favorite songs, “Timebomb” by the Old 97’s. Here’s hoping they feature more music from […]

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