Denny and Kyle play a mean game of Wii

March 27, 2009


So I’ve been seeing the new Gillette Young Guns commercial a lot lately, and thought I’d blog on it. While it’s always good to see Denny, Kyle and JGR get some airtime, I do find it a bit corny that the new Gillette razor is inspired by video games. That said, it looks like Denny and Kyle sure play a mean game of Wii. I think it’s no mistake that even in this commercial they have Kyle playing the “bad boy” role as he pushes Denny.

Also of note, the ad features a really good song from a band that’s been making a lot of waves around here lately, Shapes of Race Cars. They’ve got this cool anthemic, glam thing going on, but with a modern indie rock sensibility about them. Beyond super convenient name, Shapes of Race Cars have a great driving sound to them, as they are up-tempo and anthemic, which always makes for a good drive in my opinion. Check it out below.


One Response to “Denny and Kyle play a mean game of Wii”

  1. […] people over at Gillette. Earlier this year (during the Daytona 500 actually), they premiered a new Young Guns ad that featured “Sound the Alarm” by Shapes of Race Cars – easily one of my favorite tracks of ‘09, and now they have just premiered a new ad […]

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