Time Bomb!

March 30, 2009

Video games in the post-Super Nintendo era have never really done it for me. The 3-d gaming era brought too realistic graphics, too complicated controllers, too much complicatedness to the world of gaming, which takes away from the whole reason to play video games -to have fun (at least to me). One big exception though is the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series. Come on. Admit it. You’ve all had your moment with this game. My neighbor is a multi-hour per day Rock Band player, and I recently went and played the game with him. Evidently you can buy additional songs for the game . I was more than happy to see that he had a ridiculous (in the good way) live version of “Time Bomb” by The Old 97’s. I hadn’t heard such a high-quality live version of this song (the YouTube ones were a little amateurish) and I investigated it more. Found out that this version can be heard on their live double-album Alive & Wired.

For your listenning/and viewing pleasure:


So I’ve been seeing this new KTLA Evening News promo all the time, and low and behold, it features the music of a band from back home, Middle Distance Runner, one of Washington D.C.’s finest.

The first time I heard them was at a concert. My cousin Phil and I went to a show off of the a good review from the DCist. Near the end of their set, and about 8 Bud Light’s down, I started requesting they play “Hail to the Redskins.” Good times. Anyway, here’s the clip of that promo, the song is called “Out of Here,” off of their album Plane in Flames.

The Beast + Old Fave

March 27, 2009


Earlier this year, I watched the premiere of “The Beast” on a whim. The show stars Patrick Swayze as an FBI agent and a rookie partner that he is taking under his wings. I won’t spoil too much, but if you haven’t seen it yet, go start with the pilot on Hulu and I think you’ll get hooked.

After having watched almost a full season now, I can accurately say that this is a highly under-rated drama, with very few negatives. The unfortunate situation with Mr. Swayze’s illness is one of the main things working against the show’s success, as he is so frail and thin from his treatments that it’s hard for him to look convincing in this role. If more people could look past this and give this show a chance I really think they would all see what dedicated fans like me have : there’s some really good writing and action to be seen here.

Also, I really enjoy their music choices. In last night’s episode they pulled an old under the radar classic out of their hats, using The Promise Ring’s “Raspberry Rush” during the bar scene. I haven’t heard this song in quite some time, but it was great and unexpected treat. I’ll post a video as soon as I can find one.


So I’ve been seeing the new Gillette Young Guns commercial a lot lately, and thought I’d blog on it. While it’s always good to see Denny, Kyle and JGR get some airtime, I do find it a bit corny that the new Gillette razor is inspired by video games. That said, it looks like Denny and Kyle sure play a mean game of Wii. I think it’s no mistake that even in this commercial they have Kyle playing the “bad boy” role as he pushes Denny.

Also of note, the ad features a really good song from a band that’s been making a lot of waves around here lately, Shapes of Race Cars. They’ve got this cool anthemic, glam thing going on, but with a modern indie rock sensibility about them. Beyond super convenient name, Shapes of Race Cars have a great driving sound to them, as they are up-tempo and anthemic, which always makes for a good drive in my opinion. Check it out below.


March 25, 2009


So Jim Zorn came out at the league meetings and publicly proclaimed Jason Campbell as the starter, adding that the Redskins have no plans to pursue Jay Cutler . I think it’s ridiculous that Zorn even has to answer this question. While any team would love to get Cutler, we simply don’t have the ammunition to compete with the likes of the Jets and Buccaneers. Seriously, we would have to trade #13, Jason Campbell, and next year’s #1 to Denver to pull this off. We simply have way too many pressing needs (RT/linebacker) to not use a selection. Plus, more and more people around the league seem to think Denver won’t be trading him anyway.

While I do think Jason Campbell can become a solid, manage-the-game QB, I think for our team to have real, long-term success there is a better answer at the QB spot. And I’ll be blogging about that in a few days…


One of my favorite ‘under the radar’ shows has got to be Damages on FX. Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of my favorite ‘under the radar’ bands get some love on Damages, as “Said So What” by the French Kicks was featured in the episode. Ironically, the song is playing as Michael is explaining to his girlfriend at the art gallery that his mom doesn’t need to worry about losing him to college, since he didn’t even apply….so he “said so what,” haha.

I’ll post a clip as soon as I can find one, but for now, I leave you with a great live performance of this melancholy treat.